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Dark Night of the Soul
The “dark night of the soul” is a familiar spiritual term.  It is used to describe a collapse of old perceptions when nothing in life seems to work. The darkness (ying) is all consuming and the light (yang) has yet to emerge.  
Feeling consumed by the "dark night of the soul" gives us the urge to run away as if things are going terribly wrong in life. Suddenly our life collapses externally and we don't see any light in the darkness. Being there myself and having to endure bravely in these dark moments was one of the necessary incubation times the "soul" needed to mature and emerge as a divine blossom. Uncomfortable, painful, and depressing - these feelings too shall pass away and give rise to your new bloom amid the  darkness.

This dark background flower series is a reminder that when we courageously face our demons, we gain an unshakable inner strength that becomes more grounded in true love, understanding, and compassion. This is the moment of transition - from darkness to light, from misunderstanding to love, from hatred to compassion.
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